• what is timeshel?

    timeshel is an iOS photo printing service designed to make documenting and preserving our life stories with printed photographs a simple and beautiful experience.

  • what is the shel?

    the shel is our custom package designed to help you store, protect, and display your prints for years to come.

  • how does timeshel work, where’s the print button!?

    timeshel works on a monthly cycle. update your ‘story’ by adding or removing moments throughout the month. at midnight on the last day of the calendar month we automatically capture your story, print it, and ship it to you.

  • how many photos can i print with timeshel?

    you can toggle between two levels of service at any time to meet your printing needs. the first tier includes up to 30 prints (or doubles of 15) delivered to you in the shel. the second tier includes up to 10 prints (or doubles of 5) delivered in a rigid envelope.

  • how much does timeshel cost?

    30 prints (or doubles of 15) delivered in the shel costs $14.95 per month. 10 prints (or doubles of 5) delivered in a rigid envelope costs $5.95 per month. you can easily toggle between the two levels of service at any time in the billing section of the menu.

  • how do i receive doubles?

    when selecting moments in the photo chooser try ‘double tapping’ them as you add them to receive two copies of your favorites.

  • when will i receive my prints?

    your prints should arrive by the 15th of each month. for example, january moments will be printed, shipped, and delivered, by february 15th.

  • what size are the prints?

    timeshel prints come in two sizes: rectangles in the native iphone aspect ratio (3.5” X 4.67”) and squares for all the instagram lovers (3.5” X 3.5”). the app tells the difference between the two sizes so you can print any combination of square and rectangular moments.

  • are the prints high-quality?

    for sure! we use genuine photographic paper and processes to deliver archival quality prints with a luster finish that will stand the test of time.

  • what if I don’t use all of my monthly prints?

    that’s ok, we’ll print and ship whatever is in your story at the end of each month. we’ll send a reminder email at the end of each month to add moments and recommend you set up push notifications in the settings menu so you don’t forget!

  • does timeshel ship internationally?

    not yet, but we hope to soon. if you’re interested in international shipping please send us an (hello[at]timeshel.co) and let us know the country you’re interested in.